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Mr. Ledagain’s Guide to Principles


A Course for the Reasoned of Mind and Honorable of Heart.

It stands to common sense, and reason, that during a time of economic or other turmoil that those persons, with reasoned minds and of honorable hearts, put forth conscious effort, without removing threat of force, to declare their understanding and begin facilitating in the productive work. With work, of quality premise, to benefit in equal and just proportions, as well as, to enable and inspire the same, and others willing to proceed in parallel interest to our own, as constituents or allies, of the U.S. To organize and detail an understanding of this same set of interests and be guided by father’s and husbands, mother’s, wives and all, in producing the lifestyle and comfort level of our future endeavor known as the United States of America.

To have pride in; not in the achievements of grand political faction, or be swayed by the pleasant or unpleasant past, swayed again by that past’s honor or failure; but, that which resides in our future endeavors and eventual or immediate successes. Moreover, not in actions or processes that keep us away from our duties as stewards of our country and of this planet. This is not the pride of scoundrels, but one of just and reasoned minds. This could also be a winning of common sense; over, in what appears to be at times, also many times driven from lack of knowledge, or simple misunderstandings, ignorance.

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